April 24th Legislative Hearing

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On April 24th Eric Allmon and Marisa Perales testified at a legislative hearing on behalf of the firm and Texas Center for Policy Studies. Eric spoke about the problems surrounding landfill “placeholder” applications, in which applicants submit clearly deficient landfill applications, and only edit them as required by TCEQ.  This causes the TCEQ staff to spend an immense amount of time and money reviewing and returning flawed applications. It also causes confusion and frustration for the public, who have a difficult time commenting on a constantly changing application.  

Eric also spoke about the one-size-fits-all six-month time limit for contested case hearings.  Given the  sheer complexity of landfill applications, and the fact that landfill permits do not expire, a six-month time limit does not allow enough time a genuine development of the issues in a landfill proceeding.

Follow the attached links to see a transcript of Eric’s testimony, OPIC’s 2016 Annual Report to the TCEQ, TCEQ’s letter explaining Pintaill Landfill’s deficient application, and a link to documents about Post Oak Clean Green.

Eric Allmon’s Testimony

OPIC 2016 Annual Report

Pintail Landfill Letter

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