Our Work

A pile of trash.

Solid Waste

  • Worked with owners of family heritage land to defeat an application to apply waste water plant sludge to an adjoining property in the floodplain of the lower Colorado River.
  • Worked with South Texas landowners to defeat a landfill application near a federal wildlife refuge that would have threatened several endangered species.
  • Worked with South and West Texas landowners to defeat or to help defeat several radioactive waste landfills or processing facilities.
Air and water pollution

Air & Water Pollution

  • Worked with Central Texas landowners to defeat a Hill Country waste water discharge application by negotiating a settlement that also limited the density of a subdivision in the watershed of the Edwards Aquifer.
  • Worked with lake-front landowner groups around Lake Travis and Eagle Mountain Lake obtain bans on discharges of waste waters to those lakes.
  • Worked with Sierra Club and Public Citizen to prosecute a Clean Air Act citizens’ suit against a large coal-fired power plant and worked with dozens of citizens’ groups on lesser air pollution threats, such as rock crushers and concrete batch plants.
  • Worked with the City of Waco and other parties to defeat TXU’s (now, Luminant’s) proposal to build 8 large coal-fired power plants in Texas.

Water Rights

  • Working with conservation groups and landowners to protect flows in rivers and to bays through participating as parties in water rights proceedings.
  • Worked with a timber company and conservation groups to protect significant agriculture and natural resources in the State’s water planning process.
  • Worked with conservation and recreational interests to safeguard the rights of those interests to have meaningful input to water rights decisionmaking by the State.

Endangered Species

Worked with Sierra Club and various individuals to prosecute long-running Endangered Species Act litigation to protect species living in spring outflows from the Edwards Aquifer.

Land use and development.

Land Use and Development

Worked with Travis Audubon Society and others to prosecute National Environmental Policy Act litigation that preserved (with help from The Nature Conservancy) 12,500 acres of endangered species habitat at the mouth of the Rio Grande.

Oil, gas, and mining

Oil, Gas & Mining Waste

Worked with landowners in North Texas to block a few oil and gas waste injection wells and to improve conditions at others; worked with landowners and environmental advocacy groups to limit the impacts of lignite mining and sand/gravel mining throughout Texas.