PAI Client ‘Save the Cutoff’ Featured in Texas Standard

William Phillips Resources

Our client, the nonprofit group ‘Save the Cutoff‘, has been gaining traction both near and far. The group is based in Henderson and Navarro Counties, fighting to regain access to a cut-off section of the original Trinity River bed known as the Cutoff.

Members of Save the Cutoff were featured in the Texas Standard in a piece written by Michael Marks and photography by Michael Minasi. The article can be found at the following link:

For several years, a landowner has restricted access to the lak,e which is about five miles south of Trinidad, erecting a fence with a “No Trespassing” sign. Locals have been using the Cutoff for decades to fish, swim, and hunt, among other activities, and have pleaded for help from a variety of state agencies.

But Baker and his neighbors aren’t waiting. They’ve formed a nonprofit organization called Save the Cutoff, and hired an environmental lawyer out of Austin – Eric Allmon of Perales, Allmon and Ice – and they’re trying to get access restored to the Cutoff as soon as possible.

Marks, Michael. Texas Standard. Cut off: East Texans fished and hunted here for generations – until a new owner built a fence. September 21, 2022.